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We’ve released the prototype document for the Syndecon Game System™ ! You can view it (HERE)!

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SyndeconRPG: Vetrine di Tempo is a setting which capitalizes on the mutability and separation of time and events in a fictional world. A detailed, but loose-fitting lore creates the foundation for adventure, but leaves the “who” of these events for game masters and players to decide. Planar boundaries and the terramorphic events known as schisms give game masters additional tools to actively reshape the world to their needs, and in a way which plays into the setting’s main theme of breaking apart the old and creating something fresh and vibrant.

The Syndecon Game System™  uses a multiple-dice method in order to achieve the most sensible representation of character skill without overloading the player with an abundance of dice. The most dice player will ever roll during a single check: six, and only the most-specialized of characters will be able to (compare this with 10 to possibly a hundred or more in other systems and tabletop miniatures games). Using a familiar ability score array, but establishing realistic synergies between them, reduces the need and benefit of min-maxing. The goal is simple: allow for more creative players to test archetypal boundaries, and design characters that feel as organic statistically as they do through roleplaying.

The Syndecon Game System™ is a classless system that uses encounter-based Focuses as a means for player progression. In general, players should have the opportunity to achieve their individual focuses at roughly the same speed, with advanced talents taking progressively longer to achieve. A mostly static hit point total ensures that players will always recognize their mortality in the face of danger, and that they have to use their skills and training as effectively as they can in order to overcome the threats they face.

Important Links: About SyndeconRPGPunching Love Productions

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