Black Spawn of Rhasmoth, Chapter 1 v1.0

I’m glad to finally release the first chapter of my first public campaign: The Black Spawn of Rhasmoth. While I originally had planned to release the first chapter of each of my campaigns as a free download, and then charge for the finished package, that is no longer my plan. However, since I had brought this particular campaign into the final review stage, it was the easiest to tidy up and upload to the website. As time progresses and I continue writing this campaign, I will update revisions of the finished product until I consider the campaign finished. At that point, there will be a direct download link in the “Campaigns” section of the website (which, at the time of this post, does not yet exist). I hope you enjoy reading through Chapter 1 of The Black Spawn of Rhasmoth. Please leave any feedback you may have on the PLP Facebook page, or my own personal page. Currently, those are the best ways to communicate with me.

BlackSpawn Ch1 v1.0