Channeled Abilities List

Channeled Abilities
Ability Name Specialization Level Requirement Benefit
Arcing Current Binder 7th Bioelectric shock can chain through some adjacent targets.
Charged Tension Binder 3rd Some creatures typically immune to nonlethal damage can be affected by bioelectric shock.
Convulsive Tremors Binder 7th Dangerous surge has a chance of paralyzing a target.
Involuntary Reaction Binder 3rd Can use bioelectricity to improve a disarm or trip attempt.
Lightning Barrel Binder 3rd Increase the range of bioelectric shock by wielding an empty firearm.
Overload Binder 3rd A creature who has recently suffered nonlethal electricity damage is easily dazed.
Shocking Edge Binder 3rd Activate bioelectric shock during a melee attack with a metal weapon.