Central Kortenka

Central Kortenka, the Transcendent Islands

Central Kortenka is a collection of islands and the site of the Ascension–Hargatt’s moment of attaining godhood. The region is separated into two main areas: Rampeck and the Hargattian Archipelago. Rampeck is an island­ nation that is highly dependent on Mendralian trade. Although Rampeck’s climate is excellent for growing crops, rocky soil and many small mountains make arable land hard to come by. The three islands of the Hargatt Archipelago, Hermet, Mimet, and Sulmet, share Rampecks topographical challenges to cultivating crops, but have mostly overcome those challenges through advanced agricultural techniques, restrictive physical training, and a strict rationing system between the islands. Despite the day-­to-­day inconveniences Central Kortenkans deal with, the weather and visually stunning landscapes make the islands some of the most well-­traveled vacation spots for the wealthy and destitute alike.

Rampeck’s heavy trading with Mendralia is obvious in their cultural similarities. Native decor, building styles, and even common dress has begun to emulate the Mendralian stone carvings and formal rigidity. The biggest difference that separates Ramiens from their Mendral neighbors is the lack of overt religious symbolism. Instead, Ramiens focus on natural designs and patterns. Each island in the Hargatt Archipelago is unique from the others. Symbolism is present everywhere, and each island epitomizes one group of philosophies in Hargatt’s teachings. Hermet emphasizes human emotion, family ties, and the importance of one’s heritage. Mimet emphasizes logic, history, and, through science, knowledge of the physical world. Sulmet emphasizes the connection of all things through the Welkin; all of the recorded deities, and their philosophies, are symbolically represented on the island. To become an acolyte of Hargatt, one must travel to each of the islands and study under his teachers for years.

Ramiens and Gattans are both rather sedentary groups of people that tend to let the rest of the world fend for itself. Under Hargatt’s teachings, Gattans do travel, but the journey is mostly meant to be a self experience. Some Gattans call this journey, “the farewell,” since the most common result is a detachment from worldly affairs. Besides Ramien trade with Mendralia, the most foreign business that comes out of Central Kortenka is knowledge. Sulmet’s expeditions into Vremoar are a dangerous venture that brings back a wealth of knowledge attainable nowhere else in the world. Studying the planar disruptions and cataclysms in the land of the schism ­scars is seen as one of the closest ways to experience the Welkin directly. Gattans often see these excursions to Vremoar as intimate turning points in their lives, and the books they write are stored in the Sulmet archives. Planar cosmologists from all over Argethen seek access to the wealth of knowledge that such direct experience brings, and knowledge is seldom free in the Archipelago.

Major Geographical Regions: