Destalia, the Fields of Pain

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Overview: Destalia is a war-torn continent where a near-utopian ecosystem was thrown awry by cataclysmic supernatural forces. Theologically speaking, this occurred when Heredys plunged into the Soulmar Ocean off of Destalia’s western coast. A series of enormous tidal waves overwhelmed half the continent, and Heredys gave birth to Rhasmoth in their wake. Their are no proven scientific or planar explanations for the shattered environment, since expeditions into the Rhasodock territory are nearly nonexistent. The Descendant Heredys, the deprived, is this continent’s namesake, and in Destalia, the land is desolate and its people are desperate.

Regardless of what caused Destalia’s current ecological state, it’s clear that it is just barely sustaining the lives that depend on it. The ruthless population of orcs to the west eat whoever they can find and catch, including each other, and though the Kingsley Province has almost enough natural resources to sustain itself, the war effort against the Rhasodok drains them steadily. Only trade with the Middle Sea countries, and carefully rationing their soldiers and citizens keeps the Kingsley Province from withering away. For their part, Haiduk and Irvalon each have a wealth of resources, but the Dukkan dwarves lack the Valonian’s bountiful lumber, and the Valonians rely on Dukkan metalworkers for the best tools Destalia can offer.

The constant threat of orc attacks forces each of the Destalian nations to employ defensive measures and take a military stance on city design. The Kingsley Province epitomizes this concept, and thick walls, defensive bulwarks and lofty lookout towers permeate every city, town and village. The Dukkans had little to no problem building in preparation for war. Their deep mountain homes afford some of the best natural protection possible. Only the Valonians had to adapt to the changing times. After the Tragedy of Felvalorn, during early Rhasodok invasions, the elves began tapping into the Welkin to alter their wooded homeland. The Valonian forests have become supernaturally resilient to both fire and disease from their efforts. The southern edge of Destalia is also dotted with smaller human communities, called border settlements. These settlements are extremely reserved communities that seldom receive help from the other regions (even the Kingsley Knights). These small settlements are set in defensible locations, and the border people are known for their strength and resourcefulness.

The Kingsley Knights are often seen as fodder for the orcs by Valonians and Dukkans. Still, Irvalon heavily depends on the Kingsley Knights to hold the buffer zone between them and the Rhasodok. This reliance leads Irvalon to send many more soldiers and supplies to aid their human cousins than Haiduk, and a stronger alliance has formed between the two nations. Before Kingsley’s ascension was the last time orcs were able to attack the elven homeland, so even though the Dukkans and Valonians see the Kingsley Knights as a resource, they are an invaluable resource they work to sustain. The border settlements, however, share almost no connection with the elves and dwarves, and even harbor a certain resentment for the Kingsley Knights. They feel abandoned by the Knights, who lack the forces to patrol and defend outside of the Province, which used to be much larger.

Major Geographical Regions:

The Desolate Wastes

The Ravaged Moors

The Southern Valley Territories

Major Geopolitical Regions:



The Kingsley Province

The Rhasodok Territories