Osertania, the Island Dynasties

Osertania consists of three dynastic island countries called the Osertan Bay States: Osera, Argenia, and Loweja. While all of the islands share the same sub­tropical climate and moderate population density, the variations between dynasties past and present have led to a gradual shifting in each island’s ecosystem. The Pelaina dynasty’s close control of Osera has reduced the forests down to a fraction of their former glory, making room for government ­operated farms, industrial facilities, and training camps. The remaining landscape is typically saved only for aristocratic gardens of beauty and splendor, kept more for show than use. The Peni of Argenia have looked elsewhere for support, since the relatively new dynasty lacks the support of its people. They have found that support in Ranosyrd. The technologically ambitious Peni family have adopted many aspects of Syrdan culture, and have imported livestock and other Kortenkan animals to Argenia. The ecosystem has been imbalanced by these new introductions, but the Peni believe that the result will be a heartier source of food that will boost their people’s endurance. In Loweja, the Jakopan dynasty has focused many of its resources into the island’s communications network. The vast majority of peaceful negotiations between the Bay States goes through Loweja, so the country enjoys less civil strife and higher trade rates with the rest of Osertania.

Most Oser structures are light, wooden buildings with leaves, grasses and reeds used for roofs, shutters, etc. Stone blocks or pillars are occasionally used to add support or style to some of the better-­made homes and government offices. Some Osers have taken to building their homes in the sides of mountains, though this is considered an eccentric and dangerous alternative to living closer to other people. Toxic plants and poisonous amphibians are a common occurrence in the Bay States, and without antidotes or antivenom close at hand, one mistake could mean the end for someone living away from the cities. Most Osers enjoy a large porch or patio to enjoy the warm sea breeze during family meals or larger get­-togethers. Typically, the size and quality of a location’s porch tells more about the owner’s wealth than that of the home.

Palainan Osera shares a close connection with the Kaian empire through love of high culture and artistic expression. A constant flow of Osertan art entices the Vizealeous to maintain a friendly relationship with Osera, and both nations profit from it. Meanwhile, Penian Argenia looks to Ranosyrd for monetary and military support. Policing the highly rebellious island after the Kimo family was ousted has not been easy. The sheer number of Syrdan mercenaries employed by the Peni has led some Osers to call Argenia a Syrdan colony, instead of a true Bay State. Loweja is the purest Bay State by far, however, when considering external influences. Concerned primarily with the stability of Osertania as a collective whole, the Jakopan dynasty has often refused close relations with other countries. Allying themselves too closely with either Ranosyrd or Kaian, for instance, would lead to significant difficulties with at least one of the other Bay States.

Major Geographical Regions: