Planar Cosmology

Planar Cosmology
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Planar cosmology is the study of otherworldly regions typically unseen throughout Argethen. All energy originates from somewhere, and those places of energy affect the world people inhabit in every moment. These planes are typically dangerous to creatures native to Argethen, and are believed to be the source material the world was created from. Theologians view the planes as the great tools of the gods, while skeptics see them more as a chaotic mixture of infinite foundations that merged in a unique and brilliant way.

Centera, the Inner Planes
The Centera: Prima Entera (Lybrel | Nintra) | Basa Eltera (Averoch | Huneroch | Othroch | Zearoch)

The centera are planes of raw energy that many cosmologists theorize were used in constructing Materum. The two subcategories of centera are the prime energy and base elemental planes, respectively called the prima eltera and basa entera. Each of the centera is separated from Materum and each other by a deceptively thin layer of Stralum. Unlike tratera, centera share no common features with Materum, and are unique, alien landscapes.

  • Prima Entera, the Prime Energy Planes: The prima entera, both positive and negative energy planes, influence all of the other centera and the tratera. They act like a shell, encasing Materum and separating it from the vast majority of Stralum and the extera. While prima entera are mostly unique from Materum, stes of extreme, polarized energy can create correlating “sister” sites on the like-aligned energy plane. Places where great power has been concentrated, or great sacrifices have been made, may easily form sister sites, and may even create barrier locations where the two locations are virtually one in the same.
    • Lybrel (lie-breh-l)
    • Nintra (n-in-trah)
  • Basa Eltera, the Elemental Planes: The various basa eltera take on different shapes as they vie for dominance beneath Materum.
    • Averoch (ah-VER-ock) is the basa eltera of water. The only islands that dot the Endless Seas are crafted by natives of the world out of underwater coral, different types of seaweeds and algae.
    • Huneroch (HEW-neh-rock) is the basa eltera of wind. There is no gravity at all in Huneroch, only wind. The Great Gales are unchanging and extremely forceful. The only landmasses that exist in Huneroch are Araijavera (ah-rye-ah-ver-ah), the Moving Mountain, and Laijanowa (lie-ya-now-ah), the Flying City. The residents of Araijavera are isolated from the Great Gales deep inside their rock. In Laijanowa, residents have build aerodynamic structures on long, platform-like stretches of rock, and move between them using handrails, flight, and magic. Araijavera moves through the Great Gales much quicker than Laijanowa, collecting debris and growing slowly over time, but ingenious minds on Laijanowa have ways to navigate their city to both avoid collisions and collect resources, too.
    • Othroch (oath-rock) is the basa eltera of ice. It’s like a ring-world of frozen mountains, where each mountain is roughly mirrored beyond its base, creating rough, diamond-like shapes. Gravity in Othroch is localized at the center of these mountain rings, meaning a person could theoretically travel through one mountain and out the other side without ever realizing gravity has shifted, and that there are certain areas of the mountain where gravity may suspend objects in place. There is less pressure here than on Materum, so travelers fear altitude sickness in the mountains much more than being crushed within the caves. Only the open tundra ever becomes coterminus with Materum, and the bitter cold prevents any boundary settlements. If there are any human cities, they are buried deep underground where at least the winds can’t reach.
    • Zearoch (z-ear-ock) is the basa eltera of fire. While there are many landmasses of hard rock that float through the otherwise magmatic terrain, these surfaces are often extremely hot to the touch and are subject to melting entirely over time, with new masses forming constantly (typically through parts breaking off of one of the main plates). There are six main plates in Zearoch large and stable enough to remain relatively cool on the surface, and are home to many native civilizations. Several boundary cities that periodically coterminate with regions of Vremoar also call the plates home. The six plates are named Agnakthia, Pyrthia, Lavyrthia, Magra, Hameus, and Vulkeus. Despite the otherwise chaotic natural landscape, denizens of Zearoch maintain a strict order, and typically citizens of the six plates remain isolated from one another.