The Sovereignty of Ranosyrd

The Sovereignty of Ranosyrd
 58% Human, 16% Dwarven, 13% Elven, 6% Shardbred, 3% Orcren, 2% Planetouched, 2% Other
Page Contents: History | Government (Supreme Assembly | Courthouses | Conglomerations | Defense Ministry) | Major Institutions

History: The Sovereignty of Ranosyrd is one of the two most-powerful nations in Argethen (the Kaian Empire is Ranosyrd’s only true rival).

Government: Conglomerations (Channel, Kurnach), Courthouses (Brackets, Raches), Defense Ministry (Ægisans, Kyre), Supreme Assembly (Noble Council, Royal Family).

The Supreme Assembly: The Sovereignty consists of four, two-tiered branches: the Supreme Assembly, the Courthouses,  the Conglomerations, and the Defense Ministry. The Supreme Assembly oversees all of the other branches. The Royal Family monitors many of the nations activities, taking part in law-making, high-profile court cases, and of course, all major conflicts and wars. The Noble Council focuses primarily on domestic affairs, and negotiates with the Sovereignty on behalf of all Syrdans.

  • The Royal Family:
  • The Noble Council:

The Courthouses: The Courthouses draft laws and judge accused criminals. The Raches are the more prestigious Courthouse, drafting the bulk of Syrdan law and handling all criminal prosecutions. The Bracket only drafts laws regarding individual cities, and the Bracket Major of one city has no control over anything beyond city limits.

  • The Raches:
  • The Brackets:

The Conglomerations: The Conglomerations regulate all manners of business and foreign trade. The Channel facilitates trade as a national and international shipping company. Though independent shipping is still a thriving industry, few can compare with the level of parcel protection offered by Channel Operators. The Kurnach (cur-knock), or “contract house,” is a fairly low-cost drafting and notary branch that supplies common-folk and nobility alike with affordable legal documents.

  • The Channel:
  • The Kurnach: Ranosyrd’s “contract house” is an extremely cost-effective solution to accountability concerns between business partners. Whether two neighbors want to make a deal, or a business wants a large loan for a major project, the Kurnach charges a minuscule amount for its drafting services. This allows business and trade in Ranosyrd to flow swiftly, unimpeded by governmental red tape, and has certainly helped the Sovereignty’s rise to world superpower. To sustain its vast network of contract houses, the Kurnach also facilitates a certain kind of contract, unlawful anywhere else in the advanced nations: assassination contracts. Legal assassinations are heavily restricted, closely monitored, and quite costly. While this service is controversial, at best, the Kurnach forbids contracts against any government worker from any nation, and will offer the service to any entity which follows the guidelines and pays the dues. It’s suspected that the bulk of Kurnach assassinations are arranged by national governments in order to maintain power over their countries, which may be the biggest reason other countries have not reproached the Sovereignty more aggressively than public disapproval.
    • Master Drafter – Head of the Kurnach, reports directly to the Royal Family.
    • District Revisionist – Travels between contract houses to ensure proper guidelines are met, and the Kurnach remains uniform.
      • Several Ranks: Directing DR > Associate DR > Apprentice DR.
    • Sending Manager – Maintains all assassination contracts, and ensures the code is kept.
    • Sending Officer – Monitors suspected code-breakers, and tracks convicted code-breakers.
    • Sending Enforcer – Specialized assassin trained to eliminate code-breakers.
    • Lead Detailer – Runs an individual contract house. Gives final approval for all contracts that house drafts.

The Defense Ministry: The Defense Ministry protect Ranosyrd from all threats, foreign and domestic. The Kyre is Ranosyrd’s standing military, which boasts Argethen’s most advanced fleet, and several flying fortresses. The Ægisans are a form of military police that travel the Sovereignty to aid local police forces and act as royal investigators if needed.

  • The Kyre:
    • Cardinal Commanders – These four protect Ranosyrd’s borders, and lead all military forces in their sector.
    • Lieutenant Commanders – Several Lieutenant Commanders aid the Cardinals in leading each sector.
    • Captain at Arms – Third officer rank; able to command any number of forces.
    • Lieutenant at Arms – Second officer rank; able to command several Sergeants and their forces.
    • Sergeant at Arms – First officer rank; commands small, specialized forces.
    • Officer Preemptive – An elite soldier who is undergoing officer training.
    • Specialist – Non-officer soldier who has been recognized for special ability in a certain field.
    • Recruit – Standard non-officer soldier; generally someone new to the Kyre.
    • Conscripts – Mercenary or criminal forces under military command.
  • The Ægisans:
    • Shieldmaster

Major Institutions: